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Students' Code of Conduct

My Learning Oasis - Last Updated on 16th March, 2021 (Tuesday)


Regular attendance is essential for academic success. It is expected that students will make every effort to attend all classes regularly except in extreme circumstances. There is no replacement for attending a class. A peer’s notes do not come with all of the discussions that take place in the classroom. 

During each session, attendance is taken/tracked. If a student has a chronic attendance issue, the teachers will work with his/her parent/guardian to lend support to the student. If there is still no improvement, then attendance contracts may be implemented or possible expulsion from the program.  

Unless the circumstances are extenuating, students are expected to complete their online courses within a year. These circumstances must be verifiable. 


The source of any research must be properly cited. My Learning Oasis encourages students to seek information and solutions to homework and research from sources external to the school. However, it is unethical and illegal to represent such work as your own. This is called plagiarism. It is expected that the source of the information is properly cited. If not, there will be an academic penalty, which can range from a reduction in marks to a failing grade in the course. 

It is expected that students will do their quizzes and exams without help unless it is a research-based exam.  



Cheating suggests a profound lack of integrity. Here are some thoughts on what constitutes cheating:

  • Use someone else’s work and represent it as your own.

  • Doing or sharing your assignment with someone else.

  • Copying from someone during an exam.

It is important to maintain academic integrity. Academic dishonesty (intentionally or not) will be met with swift consequences. Such consequences may range from a zero on the assignment to complete expulsion from the program, without any refund of one’s tuition fees. Actions taken will take into consideration the severity of the offense, the number of times such an offense has been committed, the grade level and maturity of the student, and the circumstances that led to the questionable actions taken by the student. 

Appropriate Computer Usage

All computers, programs, and browsing software must be explicitly used for educational purposes only at My Learning Oasis. This may include research, which may cause the student to browse at sites that may appear to be safe. If anything untoward happens, it is the responsibility of the student to immediately report it. This may include online criminals trying to contact the student, lure the student, sell illegal commodities to the students, and more.

Any other use is deemed illegal by the school. This may result in all computer privileges being removed from the student or even legal action. For the sake of providing a safe computing environment for all, the IT administrators at all times will have access to each student’s account and have the freedom to monitor all activities. 

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