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                                             Section A                                         

Are you a current/returning student?
Have you attented any school in Ontario?
Select an option


Select the type of enrollment
In which grade level will you like to enrol? - Elementary Courses
For which subject(s) will you like to enrol?
In which International language will you like to enrol? Full time students MUST select at least one.


If you have not met the prerequite(s) for a particular course but wish to take it, contact the adminitration for special permission. Only after your previous academic work has been assessed, will a decision be made. Also, be sure that you understand what your required courses and optional courses are in order to obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 

Choose the level of study in which you want to enrol

                                             Section B     (Student's Info.)                                    

                                             Section C                                         

Parent's/Guardian's Information

                                            Section D       (Student's Docs)        

You may use this section to upload any additional documents. The document(s) should be in the PDF Format. 

Last Reportcard/Transcript
Other Supporting Document(s)
Other Supporting Document(s)
Parent/Guardian ID

                                             Section E                                         

Consent and Signatures

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