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Course Retake

My Learning Oasis - Last Updated on 16th March, 2021 (Tuesday)

Very many times students study under unforeseen circumstances. This often leads to grades that are not reflective of the student’s true ability. At My Learning Oasis, such students are provided with an opportunity to retake the course so that the student can get a chance to demonstrate his/her true academic prowess and therefore serves well as a confidence booster. 


Some Reasons to Repeat a Course


Students may choose to repeat a course to:

  • Pass if previously failed

  • Personal confidence

  • Obtaining a better overall average for various reasons ranging from getting admission into higher studies to qualifying for scholarships

  • Learn the newer material of a course that has been upgraded (this is especially true for computer languages and technology in general)

The Effect of a Repeat Course on the Ontario School Transcript 


If a course is repeated, all attempts of that course are represented on the transcript (for grades 11 and 12 courses). However, the higher grade will be counted for the student’s credit. The lower average attempt will have an R placed beside it to indicate that the course was repeated. 

The scenarios for grades nine and ten courses are slightly different. While grades nine and ten courses may be repeated, only the attempt with the higher mark will be represented on the transcript. The other attempts will not be shown. 

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