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  • Is My Learning Oasis accredited?
    Yes, My Learning Oasis is an accredited institution by the Ministry of Education, Ontario and has therefore met all of the requirements to offer Ontario Secondary School courses and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). All of the high school courses offered by My Learning Oasis follow the Ontario Curriculum. My Learning Oasis's Ministry BSID# and DLI# are coming soon. Our accreditation can be found here: Ministry of Education (Ontario) Private School Information Site
  • What are the different learning formats offered by My Learning Oasis?
    In-class: Like any regular school, students will attend a campus for classes. Synchronous Online: In this format, students will attend live classes but in the comfort of their homes. These classes follow a rigid timetable. If students miss a class, then he/she may listen to it at any other time by logging in with their credentials. If that session is not available because of unforeseen circumstances, the student may request the information from the teacher. Asynchronous Online: In this format, the students will have access to the learning material throughout the day for seven days a week through the school’s website. Login credentials are needed. Practice quizzes are available online. When a student is finished with his/her homework or assignments, he/she may submit it to the drop box (more information will be provided by the teacher). All unit evaluations are completed and submitted online. Some students may prefer to write their exams paper. In this case the written exam has to be scanned and sent to the teacher. Successful completion of one unit allows the student to begin the next one. A mid-point report card will be mailed to the student or posted online for that student only to access. The final exam is a proctored one. After the final exam, a grade for the course will be mailed to the student or posted online.
  • How long does it take to do a course?
    In the synchronous online or in-class format, the course runs as per the timetable, which can take 12 weeks. In this case a 110 hours course will be equally divided into the number of weeks for the semester. The most flexible format is the online format. In this format students may choose to accelerate their learning by studying ahead and finishing a course in as little as one month or take as much as six months (to accommodate for unforeseen circumstances). However, students will have to demonstrate a readiness for the final exam, which will be the quality of projects and assignments submitted.
  • Does My Learning Oasis offer courses in the summer?
    YES! Both in the online format and the in-class format.
  • Who can take online courses?
    Anyone from any part of the world can register to take an online course or online courses with My Learning Oasis.
  • Can the online format lead to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma?
    YES!!! Studying online with My Learning Oasis can lead to a recognized highschool diploma from Ontario - The Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
  • Do international students need visas or study permits to study online with My Learning Oasis while in their home country?
    NO!!! Students studying online with My Learning Oasis in their home country do not need Canadian student visas.
  • What is your refund policy?
    There is a no-refund policy unless students apply for visas to study at one of our in-class campuses and their student visa requests are unsuccessful, in which case an administrative fee of $500 will be non-refundable, in each case. However, within seven days, students may request, in writing, to apply their fees to other courses, provided they meet the prerequisites for those courses.
  • What is a proctored exam and how does it work?
    Option 1: Students close to My Learning Oasis Campus If online students are within 100km of a My Learning Oasis campus in Canada or within 50km of a My Learning Oasis campus in other countries unless travelling to such locations prove to be a challenge (option 2 may apply), those students must attend the campus for their exams to be supervised by an official at the campus. This person is a proctor. Option 2: With a Proctor NOT at our school campus In this case, the student may arrange a person who is not a relative of his/her to proctor the exam at a place that is safe and convenient for both the student and the proctor. The proctor, date, and time of the exam must be approved by the school. All arrangements must be made at least three days in advance of the exam. All of the proctors details, email, phone number, and email address, must be provided to the school. At an agreed upon time, the exam will be sent to the proctor. The proctor will then administer the exams as per the regulations set out by the school (this may include videoing it). At the conclusion, the proctor will scan the solution sheets and promptly send them to the school. Should the proctor charge a fee, this must be absorbed by the student. Option 3: At the student’s home with online proctoring Students have the option to write their exams in the comfort of their homes. In this case, the students must be equipped with a camera that gives the view of the entire room. The password protected exam will be sent to the student at a prearranged time. When all is setup, the school’s proctor will give the password so that the student can have access to the exam. The student will not be allowed to have anyone in the room nor any sound. The proctor will supervise the exam till the end. The student will then send it electronically to the school. This service will cost the student 25 dollars Canadian.
  • Will My Learning Oasis send my transcript to OUAC/OCAS and my day school?
    Yes, upon written request, My Learning Oasis will send the students marks directly to OUAC, OCAS, and his/her day school. There is no extra charge for this service.
  • What is the role of the teachers at My Learning Oasis?
    In the in-class setting, the teacher is the head of the class, like any regular class. This is also true for the synchronous online setting. For the asynchronous online setting the teacher is more of a facilitator and provides ongoing support for the students. The students communicate with the facilitator through emails, online, academic discussion threads, or other online communication softwares. Teachers will answer questions adn provide feedback via emails.
  • If I am registered as a full-time or part-time student at a regular high school, can I still take an online credit course with My Learning Oasis?"
    Yes! A student from another highschool or elementary school can take individual courses at My Learning Oasis, while attending their home school. The student’s results will be forwarded to your day school so that it can be added to his/her transcript. All OSSD high school credits are the same regardless of means of delivery.
  • Are there any additional costs?
    No, unless students propose to purchase a textbook for the course. Also, where scanners are not available, the proctor may ask for the student to pay for the postage of the final exam to the school.
  • What do I need to get started?
    Online students will need a laptop, or any electronic device that is capable of accessing and displaying the class with minimum disruptions. Please read our Privacy Policy.
  • What is the ideal speed of internet to smoothly access couses & student services at My Learning Oasis?
    Your internet speed needs to be at least 10 Mbps.
Frequently Asked Questions
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