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Final Exams

My Learning Oasis - Last Updated on 16th March, 2021 (Tuesday)


My Learning Oasis students attending our physical locations, have to take final exams (summative) in class at their school’s home location, unless they are out of the city and closer to another location during the time of the exam. In this case, the student has to take the exam at that location.


Online Students

If an online student lives within reasonable distance to one of our campuses, that student may be asked to take his/her exam at that campus. 

If the above situation is not the case, My Learning Oasis students attending online classes may have one of two options and they are as follows:

1) The student may find a proctor to invigilate (supervise) the exam. 

There are a few stipulations in this case:

i) The exam will be virtually supervised. In this case, the exam is sent to the student’s email at the scheduled time and is password protected. 

ii) After the supervisor and student have established contact, the supervisor will give the password for the exam file to be accessed. 

iii) The student will solve the exam on a booklet or sheets of paper or on the computer, depending on the nature of the exam. This information will be provided beforehand. 

iv) To facilitate this, the student has to turn on his/her camera. During this exam, there must be no one around.

v) After the exam, the student must take snapshots of all of the solution sheets (with a computer camera or cell phone) and email them to the virtual supervisor. 

2) In instances where technology is not readily available or the time difference makes it impractical for the exams to be supervised from Canada, the student may approach a professional to physically supervise the exam. Such a professional may be a principal, vice-principal, senior teacher, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Pharmacist, accountant, or anyone else with a senior post within a company.

This individual must not be related to the 
student. In this exam scenario, the following needs to be done: 

ii) The exam will be downloaded by the proctor at approximately the time of the exam and print it. 

iii) In extreme circumstances where the proctor may not have immediate access to a printer, the proctor will inform the school what time the exam ought to be sent to him/her in order for him/her to have enough time to print it.

iv) The proctor will supervise the exam at a place agreed upon by My Learning Oasis and him/her.

v) After the exam, the proctor may mail the exam to My Learning Oasis or scan and email it. 

vi) The proctor will sign a document certifying that all procedures were followed during the exam. This must be 

returned with the exam paper. 

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