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International Students

My Learning Oasis - Last Updated on 16th March, 2021 (Tuesday)

For all the students who wish to attend a quality institution and obtain a quality education where students’ learning is of paramount importance, My Learning Oasis  Elite Private School is there for the taking. You may attend from any geographic location, sitting in the comfort of your home with our online program or you may attend in person for our in-class programs in Canada. With either format, your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) can be had. 

Who is Considered to be an International Student?

At My Learning Oasis Elite Private School, an international student is considered to be a student who is neither a Canadian citizen nor a Canadian resident, regardless of your geographic location. All other students, regardless of location, are considered non-international students. This information is important because international students who study online DO NOT require a visa, however, those who wish to study in Canada at one of our campuses may need a study visa, depending on their country of origin. 

For international students who wish to physically study in Canada for more than six months, a study visa is required. 

Ontario Student Record 

All provinces and territories in Canada have jurisdiction over education. In Ontario, an  Ontario Student Record (OSR) must exist for every student registered in a school. If a student is attending an Ontario school, online or not, international or not,  an OSR must be generated for that student if one does not exist. 

The OSR is a physical file folder that contains all official school records for a student. These include transcripts, records of community service, Ontario literacy records, report cards, IEPs, PLARs, and other important information pertaining to the student’s education. Certain documents are required to establish the OSR:


1. Identification

A copy of their valid government-issued identification document. The following documents accepted are passport, driver's license, birth certificate. Where the identification documents are not in English or French, they must be accompanied by a notarized English or French translation. The documents may be sent by facsimile (fax),  email addressed to the appropriate administrator, mail to

My Learning Oasis Elite Private School
24 Jacksonville Drive
Brampton, Ontario
L6P 2Z3, Canada


2. Official Transcripts

For courses that require a prerequisite, official transcripts have to be sent by one of the three means outlined. For transcripts not written in English or French, they must be accompanied by a notarized English or French translation. It must be accompanied by the original transcript.
If it is not possible to translate the transcript into English, a student may submit the transcripts to a translation service such as the World Education Services or the International Education Research Foundation.

3. English Requirement

Since all courses are delivered in English at My Learning Oasis, it is imperative that students become comfortable with English, hence, Students may be required to complete the English Language Placement Assessment so as to determine their level of English language competency.

What Is Virtual My Learning Oasis Elite Private School?


My Learning Oasis Elite Private School originated from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It is licensed by the Ministry of Education, Ontario, and is, therefore, qualified to issue FULLY accredited Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) to its students, online or in-class, international or local. 

My Learning Oasis offers courses from kindergarten to grade 12. However, as per the Ministry of Education, Ontario, for students to obtain the OSSD, they must finish 30 credits from grades 9 to 12. Eighteen of these credits are compulsory and twelve are optional. 

At My Learning Oasis, equivalent courses completed at a student’s prior institution may qualify the student for exemption from those credits as long as they are aligned with the Ontario Curriculum for similar courses and meet the guidelines established by the Ontario Ministry of Education in Appendix 2 of Ontario Schools, 2016. Along with the credits, the student must finish the provincial literacy text and community involvement (see OSSD requirements on this website for greater detail).

Why Choose My Learning Oasis Elite Private School 

My Learning Oasis bases its teaching/learning methodology on one of the most modern styles of teaching called Constructivism AND proven research on brain development. My Learning Oasis emphasizes mathematics and language at an early age. It is a known fact that critical thinking enhances brain development substantially at the early ages. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions, the CDC, the first eight years of a child is critical for brain development. While physical food is extremely important to facilitate this development, “mental food” is equally important, hence, an emphasis on math, language, and critical thinking during the early years at My Learning Oasis. It is also proven research that during the teenage years, students' brains are physically re-wiring. This is a critical period that shapes their personality for life. It is crucial to boost their confidence. This is why at this stage, failure is not an option. My Learning Oasis deals with this by implementing the “Mastery Teaching” technique. Students are given many chances to hand in quality work with meaningful feedback, instead of accepting sub-par work that results in a failing or sub-par grade - for more detail on this technique read the section on this website about “assessment and evaluation”. All of this confirms that My Learning Oasis is a Learner-centered institution instead of a Grade-centered one. The emphasis is to do whatever it takes to make the student learn!

Further, My Learning Oasis Elite Private School is:

High Academic Level

  • Offer all grades 9 to 12 courses up to the academic levels (University bound).

  • Grades 1 to 8 courses are one year ahead of the Ontario Curriculum, ESPECIALLY in Math.

  • Offer first-year university courses (though not for credit) for almost all disciplines as part of the regular program eg. first-year university calculus, physics, chemistry, biology, business, accounting, philosophy, anthropology etc.

  • Students are more competitive in university with other high achievers from around the world because of the bulleted point above.

Practical Connection between courses and life

  • All course outlines and classroom activities are developed by professionals in the field eg. Engineers, scientists, doctors, and teachers develop first-year university physics, math, and other courses. This brings more meaningful connection to the classroom.

  • Final projects are supervised by experienced educators working closely with engineers, scientists, CPA’s etc. 

Conscientious of Students’ Finances

  • The fees are very reasonable.

  • Frequent scholarships are given to encourage positive academic behavior while relieving financial stress.


  • Staff and teachers are always there to lend support to the students in any difficulty.

  • Teachers and tutors are always willing to help with the students’ academic difficulties.


  • Each student and staff member fosters an environment of mutual respect. 


  • Students are allowed extra time to complete their online courses.

  • Students can work on their courses at any hour of any day, in the online setting. For the in-class students, teachers’ support is just an email away! For those who prefer to use the live chat box, this option is also available.

  • Students have the freedom to create their own deadlines and due dates for the online setting. However, just to assist the student from falling into a habit of complacency and to ensure that he/she is on the right track, that student will need to give ongoing feedback.


  • All of the online course contents are accessible in Google Workspace learning environment by Google. Textbooks are not required.

  • As much as possible, assessments are submitted online. Quizzes, tests, and the final exam are completed online.

  • All feedback and interactions with teachers or other students occur within the secure learning environment.

International Tuition Fees Are the same as Canadians

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