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Student Support

My Learning Oasis - Last Updated on 16th March, 2021 (Tuesday)


There are two kinds of enrollment, one course-based and the other full-time. For a student who wishes to enroll in a course and is not a full-time student, her/his first point of contact for any issue is that teacher. If the teacher is unsure of how to advise that student, he/she will be directed by the teacher to the appropriate personnel.  Full-Time students will be assigned a homeroom teacher (in the British and Caribbean system this teacher is called the form master). The homeroom teacher is the first point of contact for any issues. Thereafter the homeroom teacher will direct the student to the appropriate personnel.


Additional Academic Help

Additional help is provided by My Learning Oasis for students, online and in-person (during class time at any location). Help is just an email away or for those who prefer to use the chatbox, this is also an option. Further, for longer sessions appointments may be scheduled with the tutor.

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