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My Learning Oasis - Last Updated on 16th March, 2021 (Tuesday)

Sandeep Jain

Ravi has been a constant and reliable mentor in my life who has taught me virtually all I know. My entire personal and professional life has grown substantially because of Ravi. Since I was in high school, throughout the university, and even in my current job as an Electrical Engineer-in-Training, he has provided me with so much guidance, knowledge, and support to help and progress my path forward. Ravi is quite literally the most intelligent person I know. In the words of Albert Einstein, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”, this relates to Ravi exactly as he has the ability to explain even the most complex mathematical and physics problems with such ease, using literal examples to help better understand the subject matter.  For instance, I never understood Fourier Transform despite my university professor’s lectures, textbooks and YouTube videos, but one discussion with Ravi later, and I ended up acing that topic in university.


One memorable example that will always stay with me is my grade 11 physics class. I had to miss an entire semester due to health issues. I hadn’t attended a single physics class during that entire semester. During final exam time, I spent three days learning the subject matter from Ravi and I ended up passing the class with a 68. That’s substantial on its own as I did better than most who spent an entire semester learning the course, all due to Ravi and how he taught it all, clearly, and in a matter of days. His style of teaching is unique and incredible. He is by far the most skilled teacher I have ever been taught by and I can confidently see him pass along his style of teaching along with his vast wisdom and knowledge to future teachers and to all future students.


I brought my daughter to Mr. Ravi Sharma after sessions with several other tutors.  After observing her first session with him, it was evident to me, he was going to be the right fit for her tutoring needs.  Mr. Sharma is very attentive and patient with his students, and at the same time, pushing them to find answers to questions themselves.  Additionally, his communication with me, kept me informed and up to date on my daughter’s progress. I would recommend Mr. Sharma to any parent looking for immediate results in their child’s learning and understanding of the subject matter and at the same time, boosting their confidence. When I was made aware that Mr. Sharma was planning to open a school, I felt that a huge hole in students' academia will be filled by someone who understands education and its effective delivery methodologies.


I was really struggling in my last year with Calculus and asked family, friends, and even other tutors for help.  I received some of the help I needed but still had certain obstacles that were proving difficult for me to overcome in the course.  I had the most trouble breaking down complicated problems and approaching them with a strategy.  

After my first session with Mr. Ravi Sharma, I immediately felt like I was given the tools to succeed.  He adapted to my way of thinking and enabled me to tackle problems that initially confused and overwhelmed me.  For all children, teenagers, and young adults struggling with schoolwork, working with Mr. Sharma will certainly help you meet and exceed your goals. I can’t wait to recommend my younger cousins to his school.

Anudeep Jain

I had an opportunity to be taught by Mr. Ravi Sharma several years back. I was struggling to solve some complex physics problems but Mr. Ravi broke the problem into simple basic steps and focused on core concepts. The way he solved the problem made it look so simple and efficient. The concepts stuck to my brain and I never had a problem with the topic again. Fast forward many years, to the present, and having received education from top institutes of the world, I still clearly remember his teaching methodology and believe that’s the best you can get.

When I heard he is planning to open a new institute, I was skeptical – why another institute? Especially when there are so many of them claiming to be unique and providing the greatest education. So I decided to approach him to discuss. And as he did the first time, he patiently clarified my doubts and made everything so clear. The problems he has identified in the current education system, the research he has done about teaching methodologies from across the world, the best practices and learnings he has identified, and the means to implement them across his institute with extensive training of the teachers, makes me feel this is the institute I would love to study in and recommend every child to attend.

I am excited to see this institute succeed and I wish all the best to Mr. Ravi and encourage parents to send their children to be part of this change.

Shashank Singh

It is my pleasure to recommend Ravi’s new and exciting initiative of opening his dream school “My Learning Oasis Private School” to help bridge the gap between workplace requirements to the educational environment and learning practices. Ravi wishes to bring industry to the classrooms through promoting a very hands-on approach to learning and through direct interaction and mentorship from industry leaders. His vision is to not just provide the academic foundation to his students but to arm them with real-life work experience and knowledge to make them feel confident stepping into work culture and face associated challenges. 


I have personally known ‘Ravi’ for more than twenty years now; first, as his student and faculty assistance @ DeVry EDU, supporting DeVry’s Electrical and Electronics Engineering/Continuing Education department through grading and teaching mathematics, electronics and science courses of fellow students and later, as his friend, seeing him excel through various academic achievements and setting his own standards of success. 


Ravi has a wealth of experience teaching technology, science and mentoring young students. He is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable and in-sync with current days affairs and technical advancement in the modern-day industry. Being a teacher himself, gives an added advantage to him to run operations and set any curriculum as he understands industry requirements and associated educational needs very well. Ravi aspires to be an educational leader and his school initiative is just another step in that direction. I am confident that it will be a great success story under his able leadership. 

Vinay Doobay

I have had the pleasure of being taught advanced functions and calculus from Chacha Ravi. He is a shining example of an extremely bright and knowledgeable person. Ravi's aptitude and competency were clear indications of his ability to lead in academic and professional environments. His advanced expertise in mathematics and sciences is truly remarkable. Any student who is looking for someone who is dependable and patient should look no further. I would not hesitate to recommend Ravi’s school as I am sure he will impart his teaching methodologies to his teachers. I sincerely look forward to our next interaction and lesson and the growth of his school.

Krishna Lakshman

I've always struggled with math throughout my entire childhood. I had completely detested it but in high school, there were so many mandatory courses. I had many tutors over the years but they weren't engaging enough for me to grasp the concepts. Professor Sharma went above and beyond to help me learn the material required for me to do more than just pass the courses but do well in them. He is truly a helpful and supportive teacher that I would highly recommend to anyone who needs help to attend his school. 

Megha Jain

I write to thank Prof. Ravi Sharma for your help in my academic career. You have been a teacher who is always willing to go the extra mile to help your students clarify his or her doubts. It is hard to put in words exactly how much of an impact you have made in my life. Teachers are the people who make a lasting impact on our lives. Whether they’re teaching from a textbook or sharing some of life’s most important lessons, those who make it their mission to educate deserve recognition and appreciation. 


 Thank you for inspiring me to be my best, and for being there to guide me when I needed help. Having you in my life opened my eyes to my own inner strength and has motivated me to become and do more. You have been an incredible teacher of lessons both inside and outside of the classroom. Under your guidance, I’ve not only become a better student, but also a better human being. Thank you for helping me grow. It takes patience, endurance and talent to be a teacher, but you make it look so easy day after day. I hope you know just how much we all appreciate you.


Your knowledge and courage have eventually led you to open an educational institution. I personally recommend everyone to send their children where students are the first priority and the teachers and staff will have the same morals as you.

Payal Sharda

Thank you does not adequately express my gratitude for the learning experience I received from Mr. Ravi Sharma. 

I have known him for many years, he has guided me from grade school up until university. He was not only a friendly instructor, but he was always willing to help and always made sure his time was flexible for when I needed assistance. 

His teaching style was really interesting, where we would start with a theoretical method, but then jump into practical cases. He always made sure I understood what I was learning, rather than giving out information and letting me absorb it however I wanted to.

Thank you for your dedication and support throughout my education. I know that you will give the same dedication and support to all of the students that will attend your school.

Amar Latchman

I had the pleasure of learning physics from Professor Sharma in several courses over the past couple of years. I had some roadblocks in my success in this area but the lectures taught by professor Sharma not only educated me on how to succeed in the courses, but how to take the learnings and apply them to real-life scenarios so I could continue to utilize this knowledge. Professor Sharma is very patient and extremely in-depth with his teaching methods, so no matter how much I struggled he supported me to succeed in my education.

Vedo Latchman

My child was struggling to understand math and physics concepts and was falling behind from his peers. I was worried about his success in his courses. We had tried math lessons and tutors with a few other organizations. After a few lessons from Professor Sharma, the roadblocks my child was facing seemed to disappear. Not only was he more engaged in the subjects but he started to surpass many of his peers. I'm so pleased to see my son is now extremely on top of his math and physics courses and enjoying the subjects significantly.

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