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Elementary Courses Offered By My Learning Oasis

Grade 7

If You Haven't Learnt, We Haven't Taught


If you do not wish to enroll in our complete grade level program, you may choose individual courses

Please Scroll Down To See Courses Offered On An Individual Basis

Individual Courses/Credits

To facilitate an easy flow of information to our visitors, My Learning Oasis provides two views for its courses:
1. The Iconic view - This serves to give our visitors a concise view of all courses within each grade and the necessary links to look up more information. In this view, purchasing courses are not allowed. 

2. To facilitate a more aritistic look at our courses and for the easy purchaing of courses, My Learning Oasis provides its visitor wih the iconic view. 

List View

This view does not allow purchasing of courses

Educational Toys
Teacher and Students in Science Class

Let us UNDERSTAND Each Other

Please Scroll Down for Iconic View
Iconic View

This view allows purchasing of courses

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